EDITING SERVICES (for web and traditional texts)

Copy Editing/Proofreading

Translation (Danish/Italian-to-English)

Book and Dissertation Planning

Publishers and dissertation supervisors don’t always have time to address the crucial mechanics of a producing a book-length work, and a bit of guidance and support at the beginning can make life much easier as your deadline approaches.


I combine a strong feel for context, a lively imagination, and a dynamic sense of tone and register to create written content for an exceptionally broad range of client needs.
If you don’t have the the time or experience to produce a book-length text, I’ll help you create one in your voice.


English-language subtitles for Danish- and Italian-language films, with a focus on compactness and tone- and register-sensitivity.


I have CELTA training and certification, and specialize in contextualized use. I use a full-immersion approach to spoken English, and a combination of focused reading and writing exercises for written English. I’m very patient! Most of my life I’ve been in the process of learning one foreign language or another, and know exactly how frustrating and awkward it can feel when you can’t express yourself with your usual fluency and accuracy.


Make sure your content is perfect before you publish it for millions of eyes to see. I catch the typos that have become invisible to you, and I make sure your content doesn’t end up on someone’s ‘most hilarious English-language fails’ page.