Time Frames & Rates


The time frame for delivering work depends on the size and complexity of the project, and my concurrent workload. Please note, certain times of the year are unusually busy, particularly immediately before vacation periods, which can become crazy, and this may slow turnaround times.

Editing services: 1 to 3 working days for each 5000 words of text is usual.

Translation, subtitling, large projects and content-creation turn-around times vary considerably depending on the project, please contact me for a quote.

RATES (excl. 25% VAT)

Editing services for academic, technical, and other standard professional documents (e.g. articles, manuscripts, proposals, theses, dissertations) are usually rated by word-count; if the level of editing involved is very light or very heavy/intensive, it will be rated by the hour.

Marketing, advertising, and website text editing are rated by the hour.

A minimum/base fee for 1000 words or one hour applies to all editing jobs. For documents of over 1000 words, the count is rounded to the nearest 100 words; for jobs that take over an hour, the hourly rate is rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.

Translation is rated by source-word count, to optimize transparency; a 500-word base-fee applies.

Content creation and large projects (including ghost writing projects) vary considerably in their scope; please contact me for a quote for your specific project; the rate typically reflects a combination of the size of the project, and the word-count or hourly rate.

Rush job rates are based on the degree of time compression involved (e.g. a job to be returned in 25% less time than it would normally includes an added fee of 25% of the base cost).

Moderate editing; most academic, trade, and technical texts DKK 362/1000 words
Light or heavy/intensive editing; marketing/advertising; websites; bibliographies DKK 423/hour
Extended formatting, incl. cross-check of in-text citations and bibliography DKK 310/25,000 words
Translation DKK 1.70/source word
English language instruction, individual (group rates also available) DKK 500/hour

Currency converter, for an approximate idea of what the rates come to in your own currency: https://quotes.wsj.com/fx/DKKUSD/